Americana EP

by Very Fresh

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released July 1, 2010

All songs by Cindy Lou Gooden
Recorded and Produced by Stu Watson
Cindy Lou Gooden: Vox, Guitar, Bass, Etc.
Jeremy Gustin: Drums
Artwork by Cindy Lou Gooden



all rights reserved


Very Fresh New York

an all-around good and wholesome influence for your children

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Track Name: The Clientele
I manage the product
from a windowless room in my fourth-floor walk-up
taking care to choose when to care
and outside the birds are singing
and sunbathing couples never tire
of making everybody feel awkward

not too far away from here

my clients make their wagers
wearing heavy, brick-sized pagers
to ensure they never fall out of touch
and they make their dumb proposals
over plates of pesto and cerignolas
but all i care about is the bacon

not too far away from here
Track Name: Marker
Dazzled by the biodiesel
I'm as content as Jim Caviezel
and the nightly news has got me buzzing

All smashed up and smothered, like your mother
my older brothers eat pretty people
'cause they make you strong and they're delicious

Away from the Hollywood, the atmosphere inside your mood
shines like a disco ball and it's hummin

First base, second base, third base, home
Scuff's in the mitt and the ump hides his boner
it's a silent sight in Culver City

And under the field lights, the teenage punks are making out
'cause it's a hot California day and they've had enough

I came to say 'what's up?'
but it was pointless 'cause there was nothing else to say

Dividing the bric-a-brac and the things your mom so nicely arranged
was a picture of your discontent lying in the shade of a palm tree
something else was on your mind

nothing can stop me now...but a date on the beach, yeah
nothing can stop me now...but a ride on my skateboard
nothing can stop me now...but a romp in the redwoods
nothing can stop me now...California
Track Name: On Moot Point
Don't pretend.
Divide everything up with a line.
Mind your own business please.

I've got a stake in the game, yeah
and i've gotta pull it out
I need a little extra time
I've got a place to stay, yeah
and do the penance for my crime
but I guess I'll see you

Far away,
I've got everything arranged in a line.
Need to pick and choose what to keep.

I've got a maggot in my mane, yeah
and I've gotta pull it out
gotta keep my headspace tidy
I've got a jacket on my brain, yeah
just to insulate my mind
but I guess I'll see you somewhere

Bye-bye, my newest friend.
That special one I hardly knew.

I'm still breaking from the chain, yeah
and I've gotta pull it off
I just need some extra time
I've got some memories, they're alright
they can help me pass the time

But I guess I'll see you somewhere, don't you know?
Track Name: Vestavia Family Dentistry
Your mouth is so filthy that you've gotta stay inside
you're 45 dollars and a waste of my time
the things you gotta say are always sweet and fun
but that foul, foul odor puts a stop to it all

I'm gonna take you

To Vestavia Family Dentistry
where they'll clean those dirty chompers and bring you back to me
Vestavia Family Dentistry
where the assistants are friendly and the doctor aims to please

You've got bugs in every corner of the place where you reside
so why's it a surprise that it's the same on the inside?

(The house, you're gonna have to take care of that yourself but I can help you with the mouth thing 'cause I know the folks over at the practice and blah blah blah)

...and I'm gonna make you
come with me to

Vestavia Family Dentistry
where they'll tell you what you need to do to keep good hygeine
Vestavia Family Dentistry
where gums are their passion and the doctor aims to please

When the work is all done and your breath is sweat and minty
I'm gonna throw you on the floor and make you spread your little kitty

The thing you've got to say are oh so nice