Kitsch Tapes EP

by Very Fresh

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released April 20, 2012

All songs written and performed by Cindy Lou Gooden

1 and 5 recorded by Cindy Lou Gooden at The Loom in Brooklyn, NY
2, 4, and 6 recorded by Matt LeMay at A Question of Frequency in Brooklyn, NY
3 recorded by Cindy Lou Gooden at Brian's Room in Los Angeles, CA

All songs mixed by Matt LeMay
Mastered by Julian Fader

Copyright 2012 Cindy Lou Gooden (ASCAP). All rights reserved.
Cooling Pie Records CPR-028

Thanks to everyone; you know who you are.



all rights reserved


Very Fresh New York

an all-around good and wholesome influence for your children

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Track Name: I Asked My Friends
spent so much of my life looking for a purpose
a reason to say I'm better than you at everything that's worth that
i sense that something's going on
so I asked around
no one could tell me
'casue they don't know what it is

making progress toward a fundamental regress
I'm taping every moment of interest for my up and coming talk show
I asked them what was going on
no one could tell me
cause they don't know what it is

so I bathe my eyeballs in hydrogen peroxide
and I scrub 'em pretty pearly and white
and put 'em back down on my nightstand
I sense that something's going on
so I asked my friends
and they don't know what it is
Track Name: Taboo!
always a follower, never a leader
moving forward with no curve or change in direction
and barely thinking

constantly prone to the influence of others
you can't stamp a concept on the trajectory
of your life

without an anchor you'll be swept up
and carried away feet first
fingers trailing right behind you
superman in reverse

can-can your way to the top
plaster that smile on your face
yeah you got it, yeah you're close now
just a little bit further
ha ha, you fell

and you'll keep falling
yeah you'll keep on falling
cause i'll keep on letting you
and so will everyone else
not a care in the world

without an anchor...

I'll carry the weight on my shoulders forever
I'll ruminate on that moment every day
I would never be friends with the family of my killer
but these days you gotta do what you can to get by

so keep your feet on the ground

cause without an anchor you'll be swept up
and carried away in reverse
Track Name: I'm On It
ask me to finish
I will
though I'm known to get squeamish
I won't this time

I feel like a pale skinned femme crisping in the sun
I could tear my skin right off
nothing you say will stand in my way
and no one will keep me from making my way down
to the heart of your nova

ask me to remember
I'll try
though I only have eyes for what's trendy
I'll try

show me your new skinny jeans
I'll bet
they go well with the sixty dollar sneakers
that I bought for you

I feel like a weathered flag tethered to a pole
I could bring this army down to its knees
and nothing they say can stand in my way
and no one will keep me from making my way down
to the heart of your nova
Track Name: Hey I'm a Fish
hey I'm a fish
I live in the sea
hey I'm a fish
I hang out near the quay

hey I'm a fish
I hide where it's dark
and though I am pretty
it's impossible to set me apart

hey I'm a fish
I have eyes on my cheeks
God sliced open my face
so that I could breathe

and I can swim

I think in a group
I follow, I don't lead
I'm just a single troop
in the Grand Marine Army

no sense of myself
no sense that I'm alive
but because I'm a fish
it's not that hard to survive

and I can swim

being like me doesn't really have a downside
I never wonder what it's like on the outside
I'm perfectly content to spend the rest of my life under the sea

and I've got everything I need
here beneath the sea with me
I'm living my life and it doesn't really matter how I die

I could choke on plankton
choke on crustaceans
choke on a mollusk
or choke on another fish
get buried in sand
eaten by crustaceans
eaten by a mollusk
or eaten by another fish
jump out of the water
dry out on a dock somewhere
shrivel in the sun and get plopped back down again
then get eaten by a shark who would spit me back out again
and shoot me in pieces back to the bottom of the sea
but i don't care

because I am a fish
I live in the sea
I hang out near the quay
don't you want to be me?
Track Name: Foaming at the Mouth
you missed your one and only fleeting chance
to stop hoping for your whore to save you from the dark side
master of your own slave reality
reeling to expel the darkness from your body

brandish this katana in the face of your fears
take this wrecking ball and swing it at the knees of your loneliness

I can't talk cause you're so gorgeous and it makes me rubbery
but i'll never stop asking questions about the meaningless points of my own existence

all this torture at the border puts the chim in my anger suit
and no one's ever been the same after five straight months of questioning
so cut the crap and cut my tendons
dice and poach them tenderly
and if my heart makes it to monday
put it on a plate to eat

put it on a plate to eat
put it on a plate to eat
put my heart on a plate to eat
put it on a plate to eat

take a sip of magick potion
it's just medication
designed to bring you inner peace and toxified for cultivation
minty minute microcosm invokes an old brigade
making too much movement will dilute the flavor in it

lie down on this sacred bridge and place yourself right prone to me
please avoid craning your neck when you sing your gentle drone to me
there's no confusion
some prostration
no bacterial entomotes
angle yourself in such a way that i can slide right in and out
Track Name: Art/Black Hole
we thought of all the ways our lives could be
counted for the ways our chips could fall
flung our thoughts to the outer bounds of the universe
now I can only see you from my black hole

I melt with the scarabs of the ancient towns
and waltz with the careless morning summertimes
alone in my black hole
there's nothing that I could not find
I rock with the surfaces of every planet's oceans
found out there's really nothing new under the sun

art is a feeling
nonexistence is its own kind of feeling
I have all kinds of feelings floating in my black hole
they're my art, and damn I'm good at having them
but I'm alone in my black hole
all alone with my art

I never thought this was the way my life would be
never thought this was the way my chips would fall
alone in my black hole
self-contained with my thoughts and ancient artifacts
alone in my black hole
waiting for a straggler like me to fall through the cracks and keep me company